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                    Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Equipment

                    Zhangjiagang Baiji Machinery Co., Ltd

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                    COMPANY PROFILE

                    Zhangjiagang Baiji Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Leyu Town, Zhangjiagang City. With Shanghai to the east, suzhou to the south, Wuxi to the west, and nantong to the north; close to Shanghai and Yanjiang highways, Shanghai-Chengdu Highway, Jiangyin Bridge and Sutong Bridge, it possesses geographical advantages.

                    Zhangjiagang Baiji Machinery Co., Ltd

                    Zhangjiagang Baiji Machinery CO., Ltd is a company which has specifically manufactured beverage machine for mare than 10 years. Our company holds the right of independent import & export, and enjoys a good reputation in national and aboard markets.Our company is specialized in manufacturing carbonated drink production line, mineral water filling labeling and packing machine, pure water filling production line, juice or tea drink hot filling production line, milk filling and packing production line, edible oil filling and capping machine, wine production line. The drink can be PET bottled, 5 gallon barreled, easy open canned, glass bottled and so on.

                    Our beverage filling equipments export to Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia and many others countries. Professional is the foundation of an enterprise. Since its establishment, Baiji Machinery has trained an R&D team which composed of engineering technology experts, enhancing international and domestic technical innovation and technology R&D strength, as well as improving product technology content. In addition, the company has invested substantially in enterprise informatization construction, striving to improve operation efficiency via information management.Since its establishment, Baiji Machinery has trained an R&D team which composed engineering technology experts.

                    Zhangjiagang Baiji Machinery Co., LtdZhangjiagang Baiji Machinery Co., Ltd

                    "In harmony with the world, in step with the customer" is baiji's service standard. We provide high-quality products to meet customers' needs, as well as competitive, forward-looking products to satisfy demand for customization. Baiji Machinery looks forward to working with you to create an even better tomorrow!

                    OUR PARTNER

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